Anja Jaenicke, Nobel Society Editor

Anja Jaenicke is a member and editor of the Nobel Society.

I am a poet, painter, screenwriter, filmmaker and Thinker cum Arte. I made my debut as a film actress for German film and television when I was nine years old in the film “Das Heimkind” (The Foster Child). Later I was recognized as a considerable acting talent and have been freed from school by the German minister of education and culture. Even though I had private tutors, my interest in subjects beyond my age urged me to become an autodidact. In the following years I acted in over a hundred film and television productions and played Goethe and Shakespeare on stage. For my work in the film industry I have been awarded with the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the prestigious film and media award BAMBI. In my spare time I earned certificates and credentials in Astro Physics, Astro Biology, Ancient History and Behavioral Science. Later I wrote novels and poetry, edited and published my own books and directed the movie “The Mirror Image of Being”. I have been awarded with the Distinguished Visionary Award 2018, the “Genius of the Year Award by the VedIQ Guild 2019, and I have been voted “Genius of the Year for Europe 2021” by the members of World Genius Directory. I am also working as a painter. This year I published an art book containing my works of the year 2021/2022 “Of Dogs and Men” ISBN: 9798819209042