YoungHoon Kim, Nobel Society President

YoungHoon Kim is the Founder and President of the Nobel Society.

In the think-tank area, Mr. Kim is Chairman of the Board of the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA); He is the Steering Committee Member and Senior Global Strategy Advisor at the Complex Biological Systems Alliance; He is an Advisor of the Biotech/Medical Board at the Lifeboat Foundation; He is a Senior Advisor at the Smart Tips Consultants; He is a Senior Advisor at the Consortium Consultancy; He is a Senior Advisor at the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development; He is an Honorary Member of the International Longevity Alliance.

In the mind sports field, Mr. Kim is a Member of the Advisory Council to the Tony Buzan’s Brain Trust a registered charity (1001012); He was the South Korean Grader (voluntary arbiter) at the World Memory Championships and 1st Asia Memory Championships (2015 in Hong Kong organized by Andy Fong); He is the Senior Advisor at the World Memory Championships of Hong Kong.

In the human intelligence networks, he is ranked number one in the world for IQ according to the World Genius Directory; He was named the 2022 Genius of The Year Award from World Genius Directory; He was awarded the honorary title of Fellowship of the Directory from the World Genius Directory; He is a full member of high IQ societies such as the Mega Society, GIGA Society, Triple Nine Society, and Mensa.

Kim studied Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy at the King’s College London, University of London, Yonsei University, and Korea University.

He is the author of Kim’s Intelligence Test which is the current admission test for GIGA Society, Grand Master Society, Prometheus 2.0, and Nobel Society.